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Quality Assurance

  • All aircraft parts and materials procured directly from a Production Certificate (PC) holder for a type certificated product to be accompanied by a certificate of conformance.
  • Aircraft parts and materials procured directly from other production approval holders, such as TSOA, PMA, and STC will be accompanied by a certificate of conformance along with the proper markings in accordance with the production approvals held.
  • Parts procured directly from other certificated agencies (Part 121, 129 air carriers and 145 repair stations) will be accompanied by a certificated agency release such as FAA Form 8130-3, serviceable parts tag or at a minimum ATA spec. 106 form.
  • Aircraft parts and materials procured directly from suppliers to production approval holders will be accompanied by, along with certificate of conformance, a copy of the written authorization from the PAH. The certificate of conformance will also reflect that the part is provided under the direct ship authority of the PAH.
  • From sources that provide standard parts (NAS, MS, AN), a certificate of conformance will be provided stating the specification that the parts meet.
  • Other aircraft parts or materials procured from non-FAA certificated agencies, including Raw Stock vendors, will be accompanied by (along with a certificate of conformance), the tracing document that provides the chain of custody back to the last certificating agency.

LKD Aerospace has trained all of its inspection, shipping, receiving, purchasing and sales personnel on these requirements. LKD appreciates its vendors compliance and its customer understanding of these same requirements.

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