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LKD Aerospace is an authorized Honeywell distributor of Honeywell's World Class IMU's (Tactical Grade & Nav-Grade), Q-Flex & RBA Accelerometers, Thermal Switches, Hi-Rel (Space) Thermal Switches, MWD Energy Accelerometers, Flight Safety ARINC Triax Accelerometers and LG1237 Pressure Transducers.ThermalSwitches&Accels






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Contact LKD Sales at +1.425.396.0829 x1 or at sales@Lkdaero.com


LKD Aerospace is an authorized Honeywell distributor of: 

    • Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)
    • Tactical Grade: HG1700/HG1900/1930/HG4930 IMU's
    • Nav-Grade: HG9900 IMU
    • Q-Flex & RBA Accelerometers for Aerospace & MWD/Energy
    • Hi-Rel (Space) Thermal Switches & Thermal Switches
    • Flight Safety ARINC Triax Accelerometers
    • LG1237 Smart Pressure Transducers
  • Quality Assured Products Direct from Honeywell with Full Paperwork Traceability
  • Reduce the Leadtime, Costs and Administrative hassle of Procuring these Critical Aftermarket Products for your Aircraft, Helicopter or other Platform
  • Used on Commercial and Military Aircraft, Helicopters, MWD and Industrial Applications 
  • Thermal Switches and Sensors for all Boeing aircraft
  • Flight Safety Accelerometers for Multiple Aircraft Types
  • Now Available with Large Stock Selection
  • Part Numbers Available:
    • PN: HG1700
    • PN: HG1900
    • PN: HG1930
    • PN: HG4930
    • PN: HG9900
    • PN: 979-XXXX-XXX (Q-Flex/MWD Accelerometers)
    • PN: 976-XXXX-XXX (RBA500 Accelerometers)
    • PN: 975-XXXX-XXX (Thermal Switch)
    • PN: 974-XXXX-XXX (700 Series Hi-Rel)
    • PN: 973-XXXX-XXX (500/100 Series)
    • PN: 971-4193-001/-002 (ARINC Triax)
    • PN: 969-XXXX-XXX (Thermal Switch Sensors)
    • PN: LG1237 Pressure Transducer


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