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OMAT Consumables


OMAT Consumables for aircraft engines sold throughout the world by LKD Aerospace

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  • LKD has extensive inventory of Engine OMAT (Hazmat) consumables in stock      
  • OMAT Engine Cleaning ProductsQuality assured products and OEM approved supplies with full paperwork traceability
  • Reduce the leadtime, costs and administrative hassle of procuring these low value, yet critical OMAT products for the repair of your aircraft engines
  • OMAT Consumables for OEM fleet engines including: Tay, RB211-524 535, Trent Series (500, 700 800), AE2100, AE3007, V2500 (IAE), BR 710 715, Model 250
  • OMAT Consumables include materials for processing and cleaning, jointing, anti-seize, polishing, crack detection, painting, varnishing, bonding adhesives, fillers, storage, and transportation
  • Now Available - Rapid Re-Lube Kits for "On-Wing" fan disc and fan blade relubrication

View our OMAT Brochure.


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